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Transitioning from the traditional fee-for-service system to population health management and payments based on capitation or global risk with reconciliation raises legitimate concerns and obstacles for physicians, hospitals, health plans and consumers.
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Consider the impact to your organization if you could move the needle to keep projects on time, under budget and meeting their goals more often. How much of a competitive and financial edge would it mean if more of the dollars, materials and effort invested in your projects delivered successful returns more reliably?
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The move to population health management and value-based payments has so many moving parts. Learn how a project management office can help you make the right choices, stay on track, and ensure you reach your organizational goals.
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Read our article in Academic Health Focus that explains how boards and leadership can make the complex calculus of value-based care work for academic medical centers and health systems.
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Adventist Health CMO John Byrnes, MD and COPE Health Solutions CEO Allen Miller and CMO Andrew Snyder, MD will be presenting Lessons from the Pandemic for Accelerating the Shift to Value-Based Care.

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Colorado Springs!
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