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Incident-to billing is a billing practice in which a non-physician health care provider can bill for services provided at the full rate of the supervising physician. As organizations think about how to optimize their reimbursement revenue and perform effectively in a value-based care model, it is important to understand some things about “incident to” or indirect billing.
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In the shift to value-based payments and whole-person care, managing non-medical needs is growing in importance. By screening for SDOH and using Z codes for documentation and coding, health care organizations can address social determinants of health to improve outcomes and reduce cost of care.
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Tim Hudgins and Susan Owino
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As the elite sponsor of APG, COPE Health Solutions invites you for a roundtable discussion on population health, value-based payment trends and keys to success in value based payment contracting and performance. Join us in the evening for our exclusive reception with entertainment and the opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet new ones!
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Driving Network and Clinical Performance Improvements at ViVE 2023
COPE Health Solutions collaborated with our partners HealthTech 4 Medicaid, CareJourney and LTIMindtree for a breakout session with conference participants at ViVE 2023 in Nashville, TN. We held a lively and productive discussion centered on driving network and clinical performance improvement.
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